Computer Motherboard Power Principle

Computer Motherboard Power Principle
Boot principle: plug in the ATX power is, there is a static 5V voltage sent to the South Bridge, the South Bridge to mention inside the ATX Power Circuit

For the working conditions (ATX power supply start circuit is integrated inside the South Bridge), South Bridge ATX inside the circuit will start to boot
Work, will send a voltage to the crystal, crystal oscillator from the work of oscillation, given waveform. At the same time ATX Power circuits
Submit a boot voltage to the motherboard boot needle cap a foot, another foot grounding pin cap. When you open the boot switch, the
Boot needle cap connected to two feet, leaving South bridge start sending short-circuit voltage on the ground, down South Bridge sent boot voltage, leaving
South Bridge circuit conduction inside the boot to pull down the static 5V voltage, so that it becomes 0 potential. Power supply to work, so as to achieve
Purpose boot. (ATX power supply there are still a part of the regulator, it needs a static potential of 0 to 5V into work).