Motherboard clock circuit works

Motherboard clock circuit works
Clock circuit working principle of: 3.5 the power through the diode and inductor into the divider, the divider to work, and the crystal a
Produced its oscillation, in the crystal can be seen both feet waveforms. Resistance between the crystals at 450 feet — 700 between Europe.
On its own two feet around 1V voltage provided by the divider. Crystal feet is the sum of the frequency of regular health 14.318M.

Total frequency (OSC) came out in the divider sent to PCI and ISA slot pin B16 to B30 feet. This is called the OSC testing feet feet.
While others also sent to the South Bridge, the aim is to make more stable the frequency of South bridge. OSC is also online in the total frequency capacitance. The total frequency of the line right
To resistance at 450 — 700 between Europe, the total frequency of the clock waveform amplitude must be greater than the 2V level. If the boot digital card
OSC light does not shine, first check the voltage and waveform crystal legs; a voltage waveform, the total frequency of lines under normal circumstances, in order to
Divider bad; no-voltage-free waveform, in the divider power supply under normal circumstances, bad for the divider; a voltage-free waveform, the crystal
There is no general frequency, and South Bridges, CPU, CACHE, I / O, memory, not on the frequency. With the overall frequency, may not necessarily have
Frequency. The total frequency of certain normal, you can explain crystal and divider are basically normal, mainly crystal oscillator circuit has been completely
Normal, the contrary is not normal.
When the total frequency after the election, beginning in the frequency divider, R2 will be sent to the frequency divider points over South Bridge, in the South Bridge, the plant will send
To the PCI and ISA slots B8 of B20 feet, which is called system testing feet feet feet this test can reflect the motherboard all the time
Bell is normal. The system clock waveform amplitude must be greater than 1.5V, the feet of the resistance at 450 — 700 between Europe, from
South bridge offers.
RESET and CLK on the motherboard South bridge who are dealing with, and in the total frequency of a normal, if the RESET and CLK are not,
In the South Bridge power under normal circumstances, bad for the South Bridge. Motherboard does not boot, RESET not working properly, first check the overall frequency. On the motherboard,
The clock line should be thicker than the AD line, and with a bend.